Apache Releases

Please select a release from the table below. All releases are platform independent.

Package PGP key MD5 Version Release date Status pgp md5 2.3.0 2011-03-27 Stable

We strongly encourage our users to verify the integrity and authenticity of each downloaded release.


Click Maven bundles are also available from the Maven 2 repository

To include Click in your project add the following dependency in your pom.xml:

<!-- Specifying the artifactId click will include Click Core in your project -->

<!-- Specifying the artifactId click-extras will include Click Extras in your project -->
Specify your Click version in the version tag e.g: <version>2.2.0</version>

The following artifactId's are available:


Click JARs can also be downloaded automatically into your project using ANT. The following ANT macro can be included in your build.xml file:
<macrodef name="downloadMacro">
    <attribute name="name"/>
    <attribute name="path"/>
        <get src="${repository}/maven2/@{path}/@{name}"
and than, using the following properties and task to get the JARs on demand:
<property name=""        value="click-${click.version}.jar"/>
<property name="" value="click-extras-${click.version}.jar"/>
<property name=""   value="click-mock-${click.version}.jar"/>
<property name="repository"       value=""/>

<target name="get-deps" description="download JAR dependencies">
    <downloadMacro name="${}"        path="org/apache/click/click/${click.version}"/>
    <downloadMacro name="${}" path="org/apache/click/click-extras/${click.version}"/>
    <downloadMacro name="${}"   path="org/apache/click/click-mock/${click.version}"/>
    <!-- Include here other required dependencies too. -->

Verifying the Downloads

All Click releases are digitally signed: in order to ensure their integrity and authenticity. Details about the signing process employed at can be found here.

MD5 can be used to verify the integrity of a downloaded Click release, by:

  1. regenerating the checksum with:
  2. and comparing this result with to the downloaded checksum, e.g. by using:

PGP signatures can be verified by using GnuPG (there is also a Windows port available). In order to verify the PGP signature of a Click release, the following steps might help:

  1. download the KEYS file
  2. import the KEYS into GnuPG:
    gpg --import KEYS
  3. download the ASC files from the main distribution site only!
  4. run the verification process:
    gpg --verify