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The following book is available on Apache Click:

Getting started with Apache Click

Getting Started With Apache Click

This book is written by Frederic Daoud and is the first book on Apache Click. The book is available as both an e-book and hard copy.


Ready for easy component-based web development? Apache Click is a framework designed with simplicity in mind. Develop web applications with Java and Apache Velocity templates, create reusable controls, use them to assemble your pages, and give your application a consistent look with reusable layouts. This book will help you get started with this excellent framework, starting with the basics and moving on to creating a sample application. You'll also learn how to integrate popular third-party frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Java Persistence API (JPA), and more.

About the author

Frederic Daoud is a software developer who has been using Java since 1997 and developing web applications since the "pre-JSP" days of just Servlets. "Getting Started With Apache Click" is his second book on a web framework. His first book, "Stripes ...and Java Web Development is Fun Again", received many rave reviews.

Product Details
Title:Getting Started With Apache Click
Author:Frederic Daoud
Paperback:150 pages
Publication Date:January 4, 2010
Copyright:2010 Frederic Daoud (Standard Copyright License)
Size:6 x 9 inches
Binding:Perfect Bound
Interior Color:Black And White