Apache Click Extensions

There are a number of extension projects that provides extra features and components.

Below is a list of third party projects and libraries:

  1. Apache Extras provides a great hosting service for projects related to Apache software. See here for the projects related to Apache Click. You can also host your own Click related project at Apache Extras.
  2. Ajax4Click provides common Ajax utilities for Click applications. features include error handling and processing of multiple DOM elements.
  3. Click Calendar provides a DHTML popup Calendar component for Click. The Calendar component is based upon the JSCalendar library http://www.dynarch.com/projects/calendar/old/
  4. Click Charts Enhanced provides advanced Click chart components based on the jqPlot jQuery plugin.
  5. Click Charts provides common Chart components for Click. The Chart components are based upon the JavaScript library http://www.walterzorn.com.
  6. ClickClick is a community based extensions project providing many new components and seamless Ajax integration.
  7. Click jQuery is a community based project that aims to integrate Click with jQuery
  8. Chainer is a simple tool for generating JavaBean subclasses where methods can be chained. You can use Chainer to generate Control subclasses to enable method chaining.
If you have any questions or would like to contribute to these projects you can send an email to our mailing list.