Class MemoryFileItemFactory

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MemoryFileItemFactory
extends Object
implements FileItemFactory

Provides a FileItemFactory implementation that creates MemoryFileItem instances which always keep their content in memory.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 FileItem createItem(String fieldName, String contentType, boolean isFormField, String fileName)
          Create a new MemoryFileItem instance from the supplied parameters.
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Constructor Detail


public MemoryFileItemFactory()
Method Detail


public FileItem createItem(String fieldName,
                           String contentType,
                           boolean isFormField,
                           String fileName)
Create a new MemoryFileItem instance from the supplied parameters.

Specified by:
createItem in interface FileItemFactory
fieldName - the name of the form field
contentType - the content type of the form field
isFormField - true if this is a plain form field, false otherwise
fileName - the name of the uploaded file, if any, as supplied by the browser or other client
the newly created file item