Provides the Click runtime services.


Interface Summary
ConfigService Provides a Click application configuration service interface.
FileUploadService Provides a file upload service interface.
LogService Provides a logging service for the Click runtime.
MessagesMapService Provides a messages map factory service for the Click runtime.
ResourceService Provides a static resource service interface.
TemplateService Provides a templating service interface.

Class Summary
ClickResourceService Provides a default Click static resource service class.
CommonsFileUploadService Provides an Apache Commons FileUploadService class.
ConsoleLogService Provides a Log Service class which will log messages to the console or System.out.
DefaultMessagesMapService Provides a default MessagesMapService which returns MessagesMap implementations of the messages map.
VelocityTemplateService Provides a Velocity TemplateService class.
VelocityTemplateService.LogChuteAdapter Provides a Velocity LogChute adapter class around the application log service to enable the Velocity Runtime to log to the application LogService.
XmlConfigService Provides a Click XML configuration service class.
XmlConfigService.ExcludePage Provide an Excluded Page class.

Enum Summary
ConfigService.AutoBinding The page auto binding mode.

Exception Summary
TemplateException Provides a template exception class for use by the template service.

Package Description

Provides the Click runtime services.

This package defines the core Click application runtime service interfaces and class implementations.