Provides miscellaneous utility classes.


Class Summary
ActionListenerAdaptor Deprecated. ActionListener only has a single method to implement, there is no need for an adaptor
ClickUtils Provides miscellaneous Form, String and Stream utility methods.
ContainerUtils Provides Container access and copy utilities.
ErrorPage Provides the base error handling Page.
ErrorReport Provides an HTML <div> error report for the display of page error information.
FlashAttribute Provides a flash session attribute.
Format Provides the default object for formatting the display of model objects in Velocity templates and JSP pages.
HtmlStringBuffer Provides a HTML element StringBuffer for rendering, automatically escaping string values.
MessagesMap Provides a localized read only messages Map for Page and Control classes.
PageImports Provides a utility object for rendering a Page's HEAD elements and control HEAD elements.
PropertyUtils Provide property getter and setter utility methods.
RequestTypeConverter Provides an request parameter OGNL TypeConverter class.
SessionMap Provides a Map adaptor for HttpSession objects.

Annotation Types Summary
Bindable Provides a Page field auto binding annotation.

Package Description

Provides miscellaneous utility classes.