Provides the Cayenne data aware controls.


Class Summary
CayenneForm Provides Cayenne data aware Form control:   <form method='POST'>.
CayenneTemplate Provides base Cayenne data access object or service class to extend, following the Spring DAO template pattern.
CayenneUtils Provides Cayenne DataObject utility methods to looking up object by their primary key.
DataContextFilter Provides a servlet filter which binds DataContext objects to the current request thread and optionally the users HttpSession.
PropertySelect Provides a DataObject property Select control:   <select></select>.
QuerySelect Provides a Cayenne Query Select control:   <select></select>.
TabbedCayenneForm Provides Cayenne data aware tabbed Form control:   <form method='POST'>.

Package Description

Provides the Cayenne data aware controls.

The Cayenne data aware controls currently require DataObject to have a numeric primary key.